New Year Message from the Chair 2023

1 Jan 2023

2022 has been a roller-coaster ride – full of challenges posed by the lingering uncertainty caused by the global health situation; and at the same time brimmed with blessings, gratitude goes to every one of you who have shown tremendous support to the Shaw Prize throughout the year.

The most exciting news in 2022 must be the welcoming of 6 Laureates to the Shaw Prize family. They are Professor Lennart Lindegren and Professor Michael Perryman of the Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2022; Dr Paul Negulescu and Professor Michael Welsh of the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine 2022; and Professor Noga Alon and Professor Ehud Hrushovski of the Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences 2022. From the creation of an extraordinarily precise map of the Galaxy, to discoveries that alleviate sufferings caused by a fatal genetic disease, and advancements in mathematical theories that have transformed various branches of the discipline, their ground-breaking achievements unsurprisingly leave us in awe.

As much as we would like to invite our 2022 Shaw Laureates to Hong Kong to receive their awards, the up-and-down coronavirus situation in Hong Kong left us with no choice but to go virtual for yet another year. It was a huge pity that distance again kept us apart, but with the experiences we have accumulated over the last two years in organizing virtual events, the miles between us were nothing but mere numbers, and we are very proud to say so.

For the very first time, the Announcement Press Conference was held exclusively online ( Thanks to Shaw Studios for providing the venue for virtual set-up, we were able to recreate the setting that has been a signature of the Shaw brand for almost 20 years. The Press Conference was broadcast on our online platforms, including our website and social media channels, enabling us to reach a wider audience that is beyond our own territory.

The preparation for the Award Ceremony followed closely after the wrap-up of the Press Conference. The Shaw Auditorium of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was generous enough to lend itself to the shooting of the virtual Award Ceremony ( The new multi-purpose auditorium was the perfect venue for hosting such an event in a virtual setting, and with the addition of two LED walls, we were able to present the outstanding achievements of our Shaw Laureates more interactively and comprehensively. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra for bringing a spectacular performance that made the online experience even more unforgettable.

The online Shaw Prize Lectures organized by three local universities and the Shaw Prize Exhibition at the Hong Kong Science Museum were also concluded with massive support. The exhibition in particular was a huge upgrade from previous years with the inclusion of interactive displays.

Nomination for the coming year started in September and ended in November last. We are very grateful for the tremendous support of our invited nominators. Adjudication is already in process and announcement of the new awardees will be made in late May.

Entering 2023, we have many exciting plans in store for you as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Shaw Prize. Stay tuned, and be prepared for this very exciting year. May the new year bless you with good health and happiness, and I am looking forward to meeting you again, either online or offline.

Raymond Chan
Chair of The Shaw Prize Foundation