Announcement Press Conference 2012

29 May 2012 , 3:00 pm
Magnolia and Camomile Rooms



Welcome Address by Professor Lin Ma,
Member of Shaw Prize Council

The Shaw Prize was established in 2002. It consists of three prizes: Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences. The Prize was first awarded in 2004. Brilliant scientists were honoured consecutively in the years that followed since then. This is the ninth year of the Prize.

The Shaw Prize laureates are selected by a three-tier organization. First, the Secretariat of the Shaw Prize will send out invitation letters to the world’s key research institutions and organizations, as well as universities, to solicit nominations every year. After the nomination period, the Selection Committee of each prize will deliberate over the nominations received and select the candidates for the prize. The candidate lists will then be submitted to the Board of Adjudicators for discussion. Once approved by the Board of Adjudicators, the lists will be recommended to the Shaw Prize Council, which will make the final decision. Members of the Selection Committees and Board of Adjudicators are leading scientists in the three disciplines. They ensure that the selection and adjudication process is of the highest standard.

It is indeed a Herculean task, as the nominees are all distinguished researchers with remarkable achievements in the world. We are grateful that members of the Selection Committees and Board of Adjudicators, with their great enthusiasm and marvelous professionalism, have taken up the responsibility. They deserve the credit for the success of the Shaw Prize.

Announcement of The Shaw Laureates Press Conference 2012