The Shaw Prize Medal

The front of the medal displays a portrait of Mr Run Run Shaw, next to which are the words and Chinese characters for “The Shaw Prize”. On the reverse side, the medal shows the award category and year, the name of the laureate, and in the upper right corner, the logo mark of the Shaw Prize. (Below are sample medals)

Portrait of Mr Run Run Shaw
18K solid gold
Plated with 24K solid gold
Size & Weight
66 mm in diameter
220 g
The Shaw Prize logo
Year, prize category and laureate’s name
Life Science & Medicine
Mathematical Sciences

The Shaw Prize Certificate

The certificate presented to each laureate is mounted elegantly on a dark brown leather folder. Within the folder, the left side features a decorative rendering, displaying the Shaw Prize medal in relief, and the motto of the Prize, “for the benefit of humankind”, in gold engraving. The decoration comes in three distinct colours, each representing one of the award categories. On the certificate, the prize category, engraved in gold, is displayed prominently. Below is the name of the laureate, meticulously handwritten by a local calligrapher, followed by the citation and the date of the award. Each certificate is signed by the Chair of the Board of Adjudicators and the Chair of the Shaw Prize Council. (Below are sample certificates)

Life Science & Medicine
Mathematical Sciences