The Shaw Prize 2022 Award Ceremony Will be Held Online on 29 Sep 2022

8 Sep 2022

2022 is the 19th year The Shaw Prize is being awarded, marking the end of the second decade of the Prize. This year, The Shaw Prize Foundation will pay tribute to six Laureates at the Shaw Auditorium of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. For another year, the Ceremony will be held in a virtual format with no live audience for safety reasons and all laureates will receive their awards in their home countries. Music performances will be presented by The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, one of Asia’s foremost classical orchestras, to highlight the outstanding contributions of the Laureates. All are cordially invited.

The Shaw Prize Award Ceremony 2022
Date: 29 September 2022 (Thursday)
Time: HKT 1800 (GMT 1000)

The Ceremony will be livestreamed on:
The Shaw Prize website:
The Shaw Prize Facebook page: www.facebookcom/ShawPrize
The Shaw Prize YouTube Channel:

The Shaw Laureates 2022:

Astronomy Lennart Lindegren
Michael Perryman
(Lund University)
(University College Dublin)
Life Science and Medicine Paul A Negulescu
Michael J Welsh
(Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated)
(University of Iowa)
Mathematical Sciences Noga Alon
Ehud Hrushovski
(Princeton University)
(University of Oxford)

For more details, please refer to the Programme of the Ceremony.

The Shaw Prize Lectures 2022 will follow on the day after the Ceremony. Three Lectures (Lectures on The Shaw Prize in Astronomy, Life Science and Medicine, and Mathematical Sciences) given by the respective Laureates will be hosted by universities in Hong Kong online at different time slots to facilitate participation. Details are as follow.

The Shaw Lectures 2022
Date: 30 September 2022 (Friday)

The Shaw Prize Lecture in Astronomy 2022

Time: HKT 1730 (GMT 0930)

Learn more

Hosted by The University of Hong Kong
The Shaw Prize Lecture in Life Science and Medicine 2022

Time: HKT 0930 (GMT 0130)
Learn more

Hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Shaw Prize Lecture in Mathematical Sciences 2022

Time: HKT 2000 (GMT 1200)

Learn more

Hosted by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

If you are interested in participating in the online Lectures, please register online.

The Shaw Prize 2022 Exhibition
The Shaw Prize 2022 Exhibition showcasing the award-winning works of the 2022 Shaw Laureates will also be held at the Hong Kong Science Museum starting from 30 September 2022 (Friday) to 30 November 2022 (Wednesday). Please click here for more information.