The Award Ceremony for The Shaw Prize 2021 Will Again be Presented Online

30 Jun 2021

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Shaw Prize Award Ceremony for 2020 was moved online for the very first time in The Shaw Prize history and concluded with massive support. Despite the potential opportunities that have opened up to The Shaw Prize via the virtual world, there is still a strong desire to bring back the in-person Award Ceremony, which has been a tradition of The Shaw Prize since 2004, for The Shaw Prize 2021. However, as the global pandemic continues into another year, the chance is deemed slim. To The Shaw Prize Foundation, the health, wellbeing and safety of all the Laureates and guests are of its highest priority. Therefore, it is decided that the Award Ceremony for The Shaw Prize 2021 will again be presented online and is planned to be held in October this year. Learning from previous experience, The Foundation strives for a memorable ceremony that pays the highest tribute to the Laureates and is dedicated to bringing a better experience to all of the participants. Details of the ceremony will be announced on The Shaw Prize website and other social media platforms in due course. Thank you for your attention.