Announcement Press Conference 2011

7 Jun 2011 , 3:00 pm
Magnolia and Camomile Rooms



Welcome Address by Professor Lin Ma,
Member of Shaw Prize Council

The Shaw Prize was established in 2002. It consists of three awards, namely, the Prize in Astronomy, the Prize in Life Science and Medicine, and the Prize in Mathematical Sciences. The Prize is granted annually and was first awarded in 2004, making this year the eighth season for the honours to be presented. The Shaw Prize is established to honour those talented people who have made remarkable achievements in these areas, people who have contributed exceptionally to the advancement of civilization and the well being of humankind. This aim of the Prize reflects much greater significance in the context of our world today. Human civilization has entered a new phase of development in the 21st century. Scientific inventions of all kinds have brought about remarkable improvements to our lives. On the other hand, however, the world is still plagued by yet unresolved contradictions, disputes and crises; the environment in which we are living is far from being an ideal home. But we should be relieved and gratified that there are always great minds and talent, dedicated men and women who work hard and strive for breakthroughs and discoveries in different horizons of science and culture, bringing us encouragement, confidence and hope.

From this perspective, the success of The Shaw Prize, and that of other similar honours and awards, should be the achievement of humankind and the world as a whole.

May I wish The Shaw Prize every success in the years to come.

Announcement of The Shaw Laureates Press Conference 2011