Announcement Press Conference 2010

27 May 2010 , 3:00 pm
Magnolia and Camomile Rooms



Welcome Address by Professor Lin Ma,
Member of Shaw Prize Council

The Shaw Prize consists of three awards, namely, the Prize in Astronomy, the Prize in Life Science and Medicine, and the Prize in Mathematical Sciences. Astronomy is a science by which men go beyond the limits of themselves to face the enormous universe. Life science and medicine is men’s knowledge about themselves, a science that tries to understand and handle all the changes in the human bodies. Mathematics is the foundation of science, the key driving force of civilization.

Each of the three awards has significance of its own. They are chosen after thorough research, careful deliberation and planning to honour those talented people who have made remarkable achievements in these areas, people who have contributed exceptionally to the advancement of civilization and the well being of humankind. The Shaw Prize was established in 2002 and was first awarded in 2004. In seven years’ time, it has become a prestigious international prize, thanks to the effort of members of the Selection Committees and colleagues of the Foundation. We all wish the Prize further progress and every success in the years to come.

Announcement of The Shaw Laureates Press Conference 2010