Announcement Press Conference 2006

21 Jun 2006 , 3:00 pm
Magnolia and Camomile Rooms



Welcome Address by Professor Lin Ma,
Member of Shaw Prize Council

The advancement of society and the prosperity of civilizations can be attributed to the contribution of great talents of past and present. Their achievements enable us to enjoy the advantages of modern civilization. These pioneers are honoured through the generations. Those who follow in their steps should also be commended. It is with this objective that Mr Run Run Shaw established The Shaw Prize. The aim and principles of the Prize are as follows:

The Shaw Prize is an international award which honours individuals for achieving distinguished breakthroughs in academic and scientific research or applications, who have made outstanding contributions in culture and the arts, or who in other domains have achieved excellence. The award is dedicated to furthering societal progress, enhancing quality of life, and enriching humanity’s spiritual civilization. Preference will be given to individuals whose significant work was recently achieved, or whose works’ profound impact becomes increasingly apparent.

Announcement of The Shaw Laureates Press Conference 2006