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Award Ceremony starts in...

Award Ceremony starts in...



Live Event - The Shaw Prize Award Ceremony 2020

20 May 20216 pm

The Shaw Prize Award Ceremony 2020, which marks the seventeeth year of the award, will be held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The nomination and judging of the 2020 Shaw Prize commenced in September 2019 and the results were announced at the press conference held on 21 May 2020. Six Shaw Laureates will receive their Prizes at home and their acceptance speeches, together with the messages given by other speakers, will be presented to you online on the day of the Ceremony.
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The Shaw Prize Lecture in Astronomy 2020

"Cosmic Power: How Astronomers Get to Observe So Much of the Universe" by Professor Roger D Blandford

The Shaw Prize Lecture in Life Science and Medicine 2020

"Lighting Up the Brain" by Professor Gero Miesenböck, "OPTOGENETICS, Shaping with Light" by Professor Peter Hegemann and "From Biophysics to Optogenetics, A Surprising Journey with Microbial Rhodopsins" by Professor Georg Nagel

The Shaw Prize Lecture in Mathematical Sciences 2020

"Zeta values and motivic periods" by Professor Alexander Beilinson and "Symmetry through the Representation Theory" by Professor David Kazhdan

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  • The Shaw Prize Award Ceremony 2020 will be livestreamed on 20 May 2021.   Learn more   


  • Announcement of the Awards 2021 will be made in June.   Learn more