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The Prize in Life Science & Medicine

Discoveries in the biomedical sciences and innovations in clinical medicine have led to significant victories in our longstanding war against illness and suffering. With the mapping of the entire human genome, we are now closer to the understanding of the mechanisms of life, aging, illness and death, opening up exciting new opportunities for advances in therapeutics. Novel insights in the life science and technological advances in medicine will result in better health and an improved quality of life for the human race in the new century.


The Shaw Laureate in
Life Science & Medicine

Scott D Emr

for the landmark discovery of the ESCRT (Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport) pathway, which is essential in diverse processes involving membrane biology, including cell division, cell-surface receptor regulation, viral dissemination, and nerve axon pruning. These processes are central to life, health and disease.


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Life Science and Medicine

2004 - 2021



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